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Building Compassionate Kids: Teaching Moral Values for Kids

What is the Most Important Moral Value for Kids?

Admit it; we have all heard a speech on moral values. Or maybe even thousands of them. But when was the last time you actually sat down and thought about your moral principles?

That’s right. If you’re not clear about your concept of morality, how do you expect your kids to have a fair idea? 

And let’s not forget that clarity on moral values is more important for children than they are for us. After all, they need something to guide their behavior. 

Now that we’ve given you some food for thought, here’s another question – which of the moral value for kids is the most important one? 

We got you there, didn’t we? After all, comparing moral values sounds weird. But you’d be surprised.

Because we have an answer. 

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How To Introduce Morality to Children? Some Valuable Tips

What is the Most Important Moral Value for Children? Oxford's Rocksfordz

Before we answer the question, let’s talk about something else. How do you teach a child about morality?

If we trust Kohlberg, we could spend our entire lives learning about morality. That’s how complex it is. 

But in reality, discerning the importance of moral values is not that difficult. You can teach your children about morality through some easy techniques. 

1. Real-Life Examples

The first 10 moral values for students that children learn do not come from their parents or teachers. More often than not, they learn these principles through real-life situations. 

So, using examples drawn from your child’s life can help them better understand what kind of moral values are good.

2. Story-Time

Most of the moral values for students are taught through stories. The whole subject of Moral Science depends on imparting moral education by narrating stories. 

The importance of moral education is such that these subjects are compulsory in many countries. 

3. Role Models

Children love to take inspiration. If their role model has a good sense of humor, they are more likely to adopt similar moral values for themselves. 

It’s likely that you, yourself, might be your child’s role model. As such, try to ask yourself this important question – what are moral values to you, and how do they guide you? 

4. Setting Good Examples

Children imitate grown-ups. If you have a sound sense of morality, they will follow your lead. By setting good examples, you can tell your children about the importance of morality in education

What is the Most Important Moral Value for Children?

Most Important Moral Value for Children - Oxford's Rocksfordz

Now comes the important part – which moral value is the most crucial for a child’s development? 

Respectfulness is the most important value that children should learn and treasure. According to multiple studies, children who are taught to be respectful at a young age are more likely to grow up into prosocial, successful human beings with healthy relationships. 

Respectfulness is not just limited to respecting other human beings. Instead, it involves being respectful of others’ efforts, of one’s privileges and possessions, of others’ religious and emotional sentiments, and so on. 

That is why it is the most crucial moral value for children. 

Other Moral Values Kids Need to Learn

Always Be There For Your Kids - Oxford's Rocksfordz

While respectfulness is certainly one of the most crucial moral values for kids, it’s not the only one. Here are some other areas that need attention:

1. Honesty

Kids often fall prey to the inviting nature of lying. After all, getting adults to believe whatever they want? That’s tempting.

That’s why honesty is an important value for kids. 

2. Gratitude

Research indicates that children who practice gratitude have better relationships, stronger mental health, and a better outlook on life. 

3. Sharing

Children as young as three years old exhibit traits of sharing things they like, simply to make the other person happy. 

It’s one of the values that can help kids develop into mature and empathetic individuals.

Importance of Moral Value for Kids

In 2015, a journal called Development Science released a study to find out how early human beings could start recognizing morals. The results, as you can guess, were shocking. 

Infants as young as 6 months old could differentiate between harmful and helpful individuals. Of course, they trusted the latter more. 

Morality is something that we all prefer, even if we don’t follow a lot of principles ourselves. They are especially important for children, who need a set of fixed values to guide their behavior. 

Let’s learn a bit more about morality in children. 

Do Parents Influence Children’s Moral Principles?

Accept If You Are Wrong - Oxford's Rocksfordz

As per a recent survey, around 93% of parents globally support the academic teaching of moral values and principles. 

That does raise an interesting question – can they, themselves, preach morality to their children? 

According to Science, they absolutely can. 

There are several studies to support that. For instance, in 2021, the journal, Child Development, released a study that concluded children with parents who emphasized on moral values such as honesty and respect were more effective at prompting moral development in their children.

It’s simple, then. 

You want your kids to be good; you set an example yourself. Make sure you put in the maximum effort because moral value for kids are important.

Why, you ask? That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in our next section. 

Why Do Children Need Moral Values?

Why Do Children Need Moral Values? Oxford's Rocksfordz

Moral values play a huge role in a child’s upbringing. They act as a guide to help them differentiate between right and wrong. 

Underage drinking, for example, has been a global problem since a long time. But because of effective moral education in young children, the problem of underage drinking is gradually becoming less prominent.

Let’s talk about the importance of morality in education. Here’s why kids need them:

1. For Character-Building

The importance of moral education is clear. Morally sound children have better character. They follow good habits, show good behavior, and have admirable traits. Their overall character is loveable. 

2. For Differentiating Right and Wrong

There is another aspect to the importance of  education in a student’s life. They need a set of principles to guide them; to show them what is wrong and what is right. Without morals, they might struggle to see the distinction.  

3. For Adopting Good Behaviour Traits

Morals often guide behavior in children. If you have a sound set sense of morality, you’re more likely to adopt good habits. But if you lack any solid perception of morality, you might be prone to falling prey to bad habits. 

4. For Countering Bad Influence

We can all give a speech on moral values. But that doesn’t change the fact that bad people exist. And to save kids from their influence, they need their own set of morals for guidance. 

Children who do not have their own set of moral values to guide them are more susceptible to external influences. They mostly struggle to understand what is best for them, and might engage in harmful behavior or traits. 

5. For Building Empathy

Empathy is one of the top 10 moral value for kids. The sooner kids learn to respect and understand others, the better they will grow up to be. 

Empathetic kids are more likely to do well in the future. They are also more liked by the community around them because of their kindness and helpful character. As far as moral values are concerned, this is the one you would want to prioritize for your kids. After all, you want your kids to be loveable, don’t you? 

In the realm of child psychology, the cultivation of essential moral values for kids plays a pivotal role, shaping their emotional development and guiding their interactions with the world. By understanding the intricate connection between child psychology and moral values, we lay the groundwork for nurturing well-rounded individuals with a strong ethical foundation.

Winding Up

The next time someone asks you, ‘what are moral values?’ – don’t hesitate. Just tell them it’s what you passed down to your children, and what they’ll pass down to theirs. 

The concept of morality often confuses many people, especially kids. According to scientific research, kids can start forming their own perceptions of morals from their childhood. As such, it’s imperative that we prioritize moral education in our children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Morals are the principles or standards of good behavior. They are responsible for governing how a person or a child acts. Everything that a human does is based on their moral principles. 

Children learn moral values and sound principles primarily from their school. Subjects like Moral Science or even the positive influence of their peers and teachers can help children to develop sound and favorable moral values. 

Under adverse conditions, children may miss out on the crucial aspect of learning about moral values. In such a case, they may engage in lots of negative habits such as stealing, lying, abusing, bullying, and so on. 

Children will perceive morality as they are taught. In most cases, their opinion on what is morally good should be congruent to the moral principles of their parents. 

Children with good moral values are bound to have better behavioral traits. They don’t exhibit rude or unwanted behavior. 

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